Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to investing, we believe each institution requires a portfolio tailored to its unique mission and long-term objectives.

As your OCIO, we use our broad experience to develop a strategy based specifically on your goals, risk tolerances, return objectives, time horizon, liquidity requirements, liabilities, tax considerations, legal/regulatory factors and unique circumstances. Then, through our global investment relationships, we give you access to all asset classes that meet your portfolio’s investment objectives. Alternatively, you can choose to access specific asset classes depending on your needs.

Careful and ongoing risk management is a key component of our tailored approach. Through our proprietary, leading-edge risk management system, we take a granular view of each investment’s risk factors as well as a broad view of the complete portfolio across asset classes, geographies, sectors and more to ensure that investment risk is in line with your risk tolerance and institutional goals.