At Disciplina Group, we work closely with small and mid-sized institutions — such as university endowments and charitable foundations — with the goal of maximizing  performance of their investment policies and portfolios. As an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO), we provide our clients with investment scale comparable to multi-billion dollar organizations by giving them access to a global network of investment managers, asset classes and opportunities. And we take a proactive, ongoing approach to sourcing and monitoring.

We understand our clients’ perspectives because we’ve been in their shoes, having hands-on institutional investment management experience for endowments at both Vanderbilt University ($4 billion) and Emory University ($5 billion). Our experience is matched by our commitment to each client’s mission — we offer a flexible platform that enables clients to invest based on their unique needs.

Our approach is proven — over the five years our team managed the endowment at Vanderbilt, its performance ranked in the top third of university endowments nationwide. Plus, our cost-conscious approach — with fixed and transparent pricing — allows benefits to accrue to our clients to help them achieve their missions.

Getting back the 1.7%

Here’s an example of how scale can enhance your investment performance and further your organization’s mission.

Endowments greater than $1 billion generated a 10-year return of 8.2%, compared to only 6.5% for those with less than $100 million*. What does that 1.7% shortfall mean for the smaller institution over a 10 year period?

  • Up to $22.0 million less in growth
  • Up to $4.9 million less in cumulative spending
  • Up to 246 lost $20K scholarships or grants
  • Countless lost opportunities to provide compassionate care and other valuable services to the community

As an OCIO, Disciplina can pool resources to provide our clients with investment scale comparable to multi-billion dollar organizations. Our goal is to help your investments work harder for your organization to get back the 1.7 percent.

* Returns from 2014 NACUBO-Commonfund Study of Endowments